Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 88: Candace Update

I've had a few requests for updates on Candace, the canning machine. Unfortunately there isn't much of a story to tell right now. A few small mechanical changes are going to be made to increase reliability and right now Steve and I are waiting for the parts. We should be receiving the parts this week and then work to get her running ASAP. Not to give too much info about our timeline (we gotta keep you all guessing!) but we are thinking new years would be a good time to celebrate sending a few pallets of cans to the distributor for the first time!

On a lighter note, we are doing a Maine Lobster Feast at the brewery on Wednesday and Thursday this week! So far we have received 105 live lobsters and are still getting 35 more tonight! We have our pilot "brew tree" system in the brewery, all gooed up because we have been cooking all the lobster back there; quite a nice smell too!
See below the collection of ~70 gimpy lobsters that we used to make the lobster ceviche, lobster bisque, lobster rissoto, lobster ceaser salad, and lobster smothered puff pastry. I had the pleasure of tearing the claws and tails off of all of these lobster, and then pulling the meat out of every single claw and tail! (okay, Vicky helped too) I have to go enjoy this dinner tonight and I am already sick of these little guys!!!

Either way, it was a great time for our guests last night and we are looking forward to tonight. If any of you make it out to Big Sky in the winter time we are going to be doing more of these 5-course dinners! Don't forget the meal finishes with a steamed 1.5-2 lb. lobster of your own to rip apart and eat!

Cheers, Prosit, and Skoal!

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