Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 14: Harry Potter and the Brewer's Stone

Right about now, Steve and I wish we could do magic. Our new brite tank is in its correct location... but happens to be sideways on dolly's; not in the much more functional vertical position.

If only Hairy Potter would whip out his phoenix feather wand and Wingardium Leviosa (holy shit I spelled that right on the first try... if you don't believe me google it) then we could set this tank upright and get on with life!

We are multiple days behind on the brew-schedule now due to the arrival of the replacement brite tank. There were quite a few road-bumps (punny haha) while the tank was on its way here, and its final arrival was less than planned for. Before I continue here, I have noticed a re-occurring pattern thus far, it seems that we always make and try to meet aggressive brew schedules, and that most often we fall short. I can't say that this is the fault of anyone person, but moreso, the nature of the brewery we work at. The "kinks" haven't all been worked out yet, and guess what? Steve and I are the only two people that are going to work them out, so our brewing time suffers.

Now that we have our new tank, we are going to spend today putting it in the correct position. What this will probably entail is the following tasks: going and getting more chain, climbing into the attic, knocking two holes in the ceiling, hanging a chain pulley off the rafters, attempting to stand the tank up, gently setting it down, and hopefully having a beer when it is all over!

I'll keep e'rrbody up to date on what happens (hopefully tonight). Steve is hoping the "brewing gnomes" take care of this for us... I think we would have a better chance of Daniel Radcliff showing up in costume to help.

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  1. Maybe Yogi the dog can levitate it. He's a yogi, right?