Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 12: The Little Spencer That Could

I was on my own again today... WITH NO HUGE SCREWUPS!!!

It was a big confidence booster and probably helped me add some credibility with my (brew)master Steve. What was the difference you ask? Was it me saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." all day? No, even better and its a big deal so pay attention.

My notebook has magically been organizing my mind. I have been thinking about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what is the correct order of things to do. Then after I do them I have been writing them down. Steve does help me out when I have questions, but it is great to write down the answers immediately so I remember!

My responsibilities today were the following:
Prep bright tank #2 to receive a transfer
Transfer the Headplant Pale Ale from fermenter #2 to BT2
Clean fermenter #2

To prep the bright tank, I had to:
clean it with hot cleaning solution
rinse it with hot water
rinse it with cold water
sanitize it
bleed in CO2
and pressurize it with CO2

To transfer the beer I had to:
trap sanitizer in the lines
drain the sludge from the racking arm
chase out the sanitizer with beer
and fill the bright tank slowly with beer while monitoring the pressure

To clean the fermenter I had to:
vent off the CO2
open and spray inside (watch out for CO2 gas... it'll get ya!)
clean once
clean again
rinse hot
rinse cold
and open it up

At the end of the day I spent 5 minutes cleaning all my tools and parts, the floors, and putting the hoses away.

Because of my magical little notebook, I could, I did, and I can! See the little guy below. I've already filled out 18 whole pages of writing... I don't think this thing is going to last long!


  1. Nice job on the good day at work! As someone who dreams of a career in brewing some day, this is the most insightful blog I have ever read. Thank you!

  2. So what is you actual title? Steve is your (brew)master, so does that make you the (brew)slave? (Brew)slave Spencer. That has kind of a nice ring to it, but I guess you are getting paid, so that technically makes you not a slave. How about (brew)aide, (brew)tern (like brew intern), or (brew)bitch? Just some ideas if you don't already have an official title.

  3. Keg-bitch is the actual industry term, but I do more than that!

  4. fancy notebook. is that moleskin?