Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 4: Sell the damn thang!

Today I journeyed to Helena, the capitol of Montana, to sell our delicious brews. Arriving at Lone Peak Brewery at 7 in the AM, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. By the end of the day, it was exactly what I expected it would be! (weird how that works out huh?)

Sales has always been and always will be about selling yourself. Stepping into the realm of a distributor, our first stop of the day, is like entering another world. I know not all distributors are the same, but the one we visited, and probably MOST out there, are dedicated to their BMC’s (Bud, Miller, Coors). Selling BMC, also as most know, is not about selling taste. It isn’t about selling a product that offers “more” than the competitor’s product. They are all selling the same damn thing, the same damn widget. How do they achieve selling these unexciting widgets day after day, year after year? Selling themselves.

So how is this different when selling craft beer? Now, after I sell myself, there is something delicious to back it up! Selling beer is incredibly easy, as long as you are confident, outgoing, and the salesmen you are with (from the distributor) have a good rapport with the establishments you attend.

I know this is a very over simplified view of how selling beer really is. There are many levels of complexity that exist. The most important step though, before even getting deep into the complex part, is getting the handshake commitment. How does that happen? Through the three things I listed above.

Tonight I got to go home with four half-growlers of Lone Peak Beer. I’ve split the first two with Kelly before writing this, and I have two more to go! I feel great, it is beautiful outside, and hopefully I’ll see a moose soon!

Tomorrow: Brewing an IPA, cleaning a tank, and showing up to a beer premier (rhymes) in West Yellowstone!


  1. i was up in canada for less than a week and saw a moose.
    ps. i could use a growler of lone peak brew.