Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day Off: Life in the Clouds!

This is the view entering the mountain village where we live in Big Sky. The elevation of our condo is just over 7,000 ft. The other day we found out that we are actually living in heaven, in the clouds, and it actually isn't as cool as we thought. Regard "Exhibit B" below: same picture, same view, can't even see the lake!!!

This weekend was amazing! Friday night I went to the Wild West Saloon in West Yellowstone, BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD!!! (and the crust is made with Lone Peak Outlaw Amber) On the drive home, we saw tons and tons and tons of Elk as we drove through Yellowstone National Park.

Saturday was a busy day, in the morning a few of us hiked up Beehive Basin in Big Sky. There are some amazing views and amazing houses up there. No animal sightings, but great conversation with Pastor Doug and Kelly's boss Jeff. We didn't make it up to the top of the hike due to snow, but it was a great time. In the evening Kelly and I went out to Ted's Montana Grill in Bozeman. Delicious food, great service, and a gift certificate paid!!!

Sunday was filled with aminals, on the morning drive to Bozeman, Kelly and I saw a black bear eating a roadkill'd dear (our first "bear jam" of the day). Later on we ended up in Yellowstone National Park. We saw numerous buffalo, elk, and bears, as well as a fox and a few other critters. Too bad we haven't seen a Bull Moose yet. Anyone know where they hide?

What does this post have to do with beer? Everything. We drank our Lone Peak beer friday night at the grand re-opening of the Wild West Saloon. We were there to represent ourselves. On Saturday as we wine'd and dine'd we made some good contacts at Ted's and will be talking to them soon about carrying Lone Peak. And, on Sunday, we brought along a special Nalgene growler of Hellroaring ESB and sipped on it as we hiked around the park!

Working in a brewery is the best job in the world. I can work while I'm having fun, and while I'm having fun I can enjoy what I did at work!

This week: let's take a day off with the boss and go rafting?


  1. Hey Beertwinkie, congrats! I just saw your post on BA and decided to check out your blog. As someone who hopes to follow in your footsteps it is really exciting to hear about your journey. What led you to Lone Peak? Looks like beautiful countryside. Don't worry you'll see a moose (or meese) soon! Keep on posting and I'll keep on reading. Good luck! DA from Eden Prairie

  2. DA, thanks for the support! Read my next post, I need to finish the story of why I chose Lone Peak!

  3. Great blog so far! Must try La perria in Bozeman. Best burritos ever!