Monday, August 17, 2009


I again want to thank all of you readers out there! Sorry that it has been a few days since I have posted last... a few of you have done quite a good job pestering me to keep on writing! So here I am, and I have alot to share!

The most exciting bit of news was the arrival of the canning machine today(fucking finally). We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for this thing since I started work at Lone Peak Brewery. I think it's arrival today marked the 8th or 9th week that it was late. Nonetheless, we finally have it! Not only is this big news because it represents the future of our brewery and it will take up the rest of the capacity of our brewhouse, but it is the key to me keeping my job at Lone Peak through the winter time. Our brewery (and Big Sky, MT) has a seasonal market: the winter and summer are huge booms, and the spring and fall are pretty depressing. I have heard on multiple occasions that it just doesn't make financial sense to keep paying me through the off-season (starting in September) when there is no need for a 2nd brewer. The canning machine allows us to sell beer in liquor stores all over the state, bridging the gaps in our sales.

The most surprising bit of news was that my good friend (and hopefully future business partner) Matt Lange is starting his first brewing job! I got the call yesterday while setting up the canning machine so I am a little short on the details, but I will fill all you in with the whole story soon!

Coming up this week:
- How to clean and fill pigs
- Another awesomely awesome e-mail from one of you readers
- Our struggles with the canning machine
- The details of Matt Lange's entry into the brewing world

I gotta go to work, I'm late!

Cheers, Prosit, and Skoal!

P.S. This picture is for Clarice... YUM!


  1. Are those gremlins that are about to hatch? =P

  2. These little gems are related at all to that incredible yeast poo you showed us in July are they? You serve them with butter?

  3. I'm on your blog! I feel so famous. I don't really have any other details about my job other than it's at a brewery/brewpub called Ale Asylum, which is probably a lot like yours only a little bit bigger (I will be, I think, the fourth employee in addition to the brewmaster, although I'll only be part time). We have a tap room with some simple food and we bottle most of our beers for the Madison and Milwaukee markets. They've been open for about two years and I know they've always had a hard time keeping up with demand, even with such a small distribution area, so hopefully things will keep expanding so I can go full time there. Oh, and their beer is really good. Chech them out on Beer Advocate.